VIVA A MATA project

The purpose of this project is celebrate, preserve and valorize the Atlantic Rain Forest.

As first step, we propose a serie of colaborative experiences called “Views over the forest”, wich will be two-weekly reunions for identification and artistic representations about trees and other plants on the paths and hiking trails inside Vila Volta area, in Pedras Azuis, rural neighbourhood of Paraty, State of Rio de Janeiro.

The experiences are mainly oriented for amateur and professional artists interested in the valorization and the preservation of the Atlantic Rain Forest. Who is interested in the Environmental Sciences (botanic, ecology, environmental education etc.) are welcome as well.

The first reunions will be in april, 15th and 29th, 2018 as follow:

09 h – Welcome and presentation of the project

10 h – Start of drawing, painting, watercolour etc.

13 h – Brunch

16 h – Coffee-break and closing of the reunion

Bring your own artistic material.

Free subscription and more information here.

Take a look at the facebook event