Who we are

VILA VOLTA is located on a 400,000 square-meter small farm in the middle of the Atlantic Rainforest. People call it a hostel, but it’s more like a friend’s home.

Here, you may rest in a hammock or under a tree, have long chats, take sun or sauna baths, enjoy calm meals, frolic in the natural pool, go for walks and visit the water springs. Or just breathe and listen to the birds and the running water. To tell you the truth, water is the only thing that is in a hurry at Vila Volta.

The rustic and comfortable accommodations are distributed in 2 houses. There are 6 suites, 3 in the Main House (Blue) and 3 in the Red House. The illumination is discrete and provides a cosey atmosphere. In the evening, the show comes from the light of the moon and the stars – there’s not light polution in this area.

Meals are specially prepared by the owners themselves, who are constantly creating new dishes. Vegetables are cropped from the garden in the site, cultivated without any toxic substances. Breakfast is served all morning, so you can take it easy, at your leasure.

For outdoor activities, you may also leave the small farm and go for ecological walks, deep-sea diving, car or boat rides, visits the hundreds of beaches and the 65 islands in the Ilha Grande Bay, the Saco do Mamanguá fiord and yet, Trindade. For culture experiences, the historical villages of Paraty and Paraty-Mirim or the former hideout for runaway slaves – Campinho da Independência – are good locations.

To make things easier for our foreign guests, the owners speak English, Spanish, German and Dutch fluently.

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