Our History

At the end of the last century we decided to change our lives, upside down, the front to the back and inside out.

We invested in other knowledges and skills hidden inside ourselves.

We still enjoy to be busy, but not like before. Not that much. Now we have TIME to share our happiness with friends and guests in endless conversations during breakfast, for example.

We are not under command of a boss and the mass-media doesn’t reach us here to manipulate us: AUTONOMY.

Ours SPACE ? We live in an almost untouched Atlantic Rainforest, that we take good care of and respect a lot.

The TRANQUILITY pleases us. The silence is lightly touched by the sound of crickets, birds, running water, rain, a sudden whisper of the wind… We can say we are living in a HEALTHY ENVORNMENT.

We are not PROTECTED by high wall, electric fences, alarm systems, guards. The neighbourhood is friendly.
Do you want to know another nice thing ? Because we chose not to pay absurd taxes to financial institutes, and in this incarnation we are not blessed by rich parents, for this and other capabilities, we use our CRIATIVITY constantly.

Everything together makes more sense when you come, or return, to SHARE this experience with us.