Nature Tours

Paraty  Bay

Rich culture and nature is the main characteristic of Paraty, about culture and nature. Many tours allow tourists to get to know this diversity inside the huge area of Paraty.

Caiçaras (living by the sea), indigenous and quilombolas (slaves descendents) villages, spread all over the area of Paraty, are responsibles for practising and maintaining this diversity. We organize the tours described below and they allow our guests to experience some of these diverse communities.

Our guests can visit different areas – urban, rural and shore – of well preserved Atlantic Rainforest, wonderful beaches, mountains, islands, waterfalls and rivers. These are accessible on land by hiking trails, car, van or jeep,  and by sea in typical local boats.

Route 1 (by boat)

  • departure and arrival: Paraty-Mirim Beach
  • stops: Red Beach, Saco da Velha and Cotia Island
  • small lunch on board
  • duration: 3 hs

Saco do Mamanguá

Route 2 (by boat)

  • departure and arrival : Paraty-Mirim Beach
  • stops: Engelho and Fazenda Beaches (Saco do Mamanguá)
  • lunch: Sr. Zizinho restaurant at Saco do Mamanguá
  • duration: 4 hs

                                      Saco do Mamanguá                                                                                        Praia do Sono

Route 3 (hiking and boat)

  • departure: road to Paraty-Mirim
  • hiking till the end of Saco do Mamanguá
  • whaleboat crossing the Saco do Mamanguá
  • canoe along the Rio Grande in the mangrove
  • hiking from the end of the river (Rio Grande) till the waterfall
  • hiking and canoe (return)
  • whaleboat till Sr. Zizinho restaurant at Saco do Mamanguá (lunch)
  • whaleboat till Paraty-Mirim Beach (arrival)
  • duration: 6 hs


Route 4 (tracking and boat)

  • departure: Vila Oratório
  • hiking from Vila Oratório to Ponta Negra
  • stops: Sono, Antigos and Antiguinhos Beaches and Galletas Waterfall
  • lunch: restaurant at Ponta Negra
  • boat from Ponta Negra to Vila Oratório (arrival)
  • duration: 6 hs

                                                   Ponta Negra                                                                                             Saco Bravo

The costs of the tours above can be asked HERE , by e-mail or by phone.

Depending on our possibilities, we can organize many other tours in advance or here at Vila Volta.