Culinary Art

We pride ourselves on our ability to be creative in the kitchen and we enjoy sharing the art of taste with our guests.

We begin early in the morning, baking our own fresh breads for the breakfast. After that, serving the requests of our guests, it is followed by the complete meals, sandwiches, salads, soups and more.

Dus, the Dutch chef of the house, lived more than 30 years in his native country, where he already began his experiments at young age.

He developed his style with originality based on traditional Dutch recipes, rarely found in restaurants there, and under strong influence of the exotic Indonesian cooking, justified for the passion for this former Dutch colony, especially after his stay there.

Being in contact with the caiçara (native from the cost) kitchen of Paraty for some years he noticed, since the beginning, a great relation between the two tropical kitchens.

The result shows itself on the menu of Vila Volta : typical Dutch food, adapted Indonesian recipes and 100% Brazilian ingredients.

Our Kitchen

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We present here some of our dishes, that can also be ordered at the reservation. Beyond these ones we have many VEGETARIAN DISHES.



  • whole-wheat bread
  • sweet bread with cinnamon
  • chocolate bread
  • steam breads
  • cheese bread
  • maize flour pie
  • homemade yogurt



  • pastry of red cabbage and apple
  • grilled banana with white sauce, cheese and mustard
  • cucumber indonesian salad
  • chutney of jack fruit
  • small pie of crab meat
  • crab meat in the shell
  • pear soup
  • summer squash cream soup
  • summer squash soup with yogurt
  • pumpkin soup

main dishes

  • chicken or fish with citronela
  • fried rice with vegetables (“nasi goreng”)
  • fried pasta with vegetables (“bahmi goreng”)
  • pasta with gorgonzola sauce
  • filled cauliflower
  • red beet, potato and “hache” (dutch meal)
  • meatballs with peanut sauce
  • sausage with apple


  • brazilian cheese cake (“bombocado”)
  • banana cake
  • jack fruit cake
  • pancake of manioc flour
  • chocolate salame
  • yogurt pie
  • ice cream pie
  • special coffee