Becoming self-sufficient / Organic gardens


When we moved our lives to here years ago, what we found in the huge area of “our” valley was basically three kinds of vegetation:

– high grass used as a pasture for some cattle,

– recovering forest and

– preserved and primary Atlantic Rainforest, covering most of the property.


Today part of the old pasture was replaced by gardens, vegetable garden, other crops that we grow, bridges and paths that connect the houses.

Vegatables and herbs, cultivated without any toxic substances on the vegetable garden, become ingredients for the day-by-day meals at Vila Volta and also for the guests.

Other crops are organic as well: cassava, jackfruit, banana, guava, lemon, tangerine etc.

Presently you won’t notice anymore the other part f the old pasture, neither the recovering forest. Together, both are already integrated to the exuberant Atlantic Rain Forest.


In the coming months, we want to expand the organic productions, following the permaculture and agroforest concepts – donations of seeds and plants are wellcome – and finish the building of a lake where there will be fishes for our own consumption.

Another project for the coming future is the installation of a small hidroeletric power plant in order to generate electric energy, using the good quality of running water that we have here in abundance.

This way we are becoming more and more self-sufficient.